When we install the ZCO (4.5.3 with 4.5.3 server), the GAL gets downloaded twice. However, the GAL is incomplete. We are an educational institution and the Outlook GAL seems to have only students in it. Everyone is in the same ldap directory (external). Any thoughts on how to look for the problem, and fix it?

On the server, the GAL configuration includes:

GAL mode: External
Most results returned by GAL search: 100
Server type: LDAP
LDAP filter:* (|(uid=%s)(cn=*%s*)(sn=*%s*)(ou=*%s*))
Autocomplete filter: (|(cn=%s*)(sn=%s*)(gn=%s*)(mail=%s*))
LDAP search base: ou=People,dc=hmc,dc=edu

I've asked Outlook to update the GAL a couple of times to no avail. We had the same behavior with ZCO 4.5.2.

The GAL works appropriately (i.e., students, faculty and staff are included) for Web clients.