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Thread: Google=>Zimbra=>Outlook Calendar Invite Predicament

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    Exclamation Google=>Zimbra=>Outlook Calendar Invite Predicament

    Google=>Zimbra=>Outlook Calendar Invite Predicament

    Well, maybe this is what happens when you try to link together too many programs doing the same or similar functions, but I’ve discovered an issue with that flow of an appointment invitation being created in Google Calendar, then getting to Outlook via the path: Google to Zimbra to Outlook. (Before you ask, “Why would you want to do such a silly thing?”… This is a short-term arrangement until we get everybody in our organization on Zimbra. We have a few issues we’re still working through.)

    Here's the scenario: an appointment is created in Google calendar and an invitation is sent to Zimbra via Google Reload. The invitation goes from Google to Zimbra correctly. In other words, it shows up to Zimbra as an appointment invite that you can accept or decline.

    What happens next (Zimbra to Outlook via the Zimbra/Outlook Connector) is inconsistent. If you have taken no action on it in Zimbra (it is listed as NEW on your Zimbra calendar), it will show up in Outlook as a “Private Appointment”. That means that you can’t open it or delete it. It’s kind of “stuck” in your calendar – until you go into Zimbra & delete it.

    We tested three invitations created in Google by accepting the invitation as “Tentative” in Zimbra. One of three showed up in Outlook in an editable/viewable (i.e. behaving normally). The other two still showed up as a ”Private Appointment”.

    We tested three invitations by accepting the invitation as “Accept” in Zimbra. All three showed up in Outlook as a ”Private Appointment”.

    The net-net is that invitations created in Google that get through to Outlook via Zimbra, don't necessarily work in Outlook. However, it should be noted that our calendar invitations created in Zimbra behave fine when sync’ed with Outlook.

    (Using Outlook 2003)
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