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Thread: Change "Reply-to" in Outlook Connector

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    Default Change "Reply-to" in Outlook Connector

    Have the same problem as others regarding using other pop/imap accounts along with Outlook Connector - all messages get sent via the Zimbra server.... this would work fine for me if there was simply a way to change the "Reply-to" address in the connector settings - (like you can on the web client with the mail identities). Any plans on adding that feature?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokamow View Post
    Any plans on adding that feature?
    Have you searched bugzilla? That's the best place to find out what enhancements have been requested, vote on them if there's any that interest you.


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    Default Very good question

    I agree - this is an important feature missing from the Outlook connector.
    Apparently it may be appearing in ZCS 5.0

    It is hampering and restrictive as it means that you cannot properly use aliases with the connector as it always sends emails from the actual account name regardless.

    Given that the Outlook connector is in fact pivotal in how successfully Zimbra can compete as a viable alternative to Exchange I am very suprised that it does not appear to be more mature and fully featured.

    for further info see:
    Bug 12404 - identities for the Outlook connector
    Bug 17242 - Outlook Connector: Reply-to address cannot be changed

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