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Thread: can zdb be move from one PC to Another ?

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    Default can zdb be move from one PC to Another ?


    I have users witch mailbox over 4GB and use multiple machines (desktops/notebooks) every time it need to sync with zimbra for the first time (it takes a very long time about 18 to 24 hs or mover )

    My question:

    Can I move the zdb file from one PC that has the sync up to date, to a NEW machine (for the same user) after I have run the Outlook Connector install (let it start sync, stop it, and copy the file over) and let it sync from the copy file. ?

    this will permit to do a local copy over the LAN (as option to having to sync over the internet to zimbra server located in a Datacenter )


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    Don't know about moving the ZDB but you can store the ZDB file on a network drive that all the PC's have access to and point the Outlook profile to that file. This works but there is a noticeable speed drop but still very usable. You have to make a new outlook profile and change the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zimbra\ZimbraZDBFolder registry value to the network storage folder.

    Hope this helps

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    thank you for the follow up...

    I had read the post regarding reading it from a network location...

    but in my case this pc / notebook are in different locations, with NO central network that they can access.

    so I only want to to see if I can short the time of deployment (by making a copy of the file into different machines)

    like user A has a PC in location 1 and a notebook location 2

    user B has a PC in location 1 and a notebook in location 2

    so I just want it to take .zdb file from user A from location 1 and copy to notebook in location 2 (this will save me having to sync each one separated the first time )


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    this capability doesn't currently exist today. the best thing to do is sync from scratch on each machine.
    Sam Khavari

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