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Thread: Cannot send mail via connector

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    Default Cannot send mail via connector

    I have been testing Network Edition 4.5.4_GA_763.SuSE10 for several days. Outlook connector installed on Outlook 2003.

    For unknown reasons, Outlook starts having problem sending email. After composing the email & hit Send/Receive, i can see the message disappear from Outbox & move to Sent folder in Outlook. However, the recipient never get the email.

    The only way I can get Outlook to send correctly is removed ZOC. reinstall Outlook & reinstall ZOC. That fix send mail for a while, but it failed after the machine restarted. So, it is really inconvenient.

    If I sent the message in web interface, the message delivered correctly to the other end.

    Couple of things I notice:
    - even though Outlook cannot send email correctly, all inbound email are delivered to my Inbox in Outlook.
    - Sync Issues folders do not have anything
    - when sending email from webclient, I can see from /var/log/mail that the message is going out. Nothing happened when sent from Outlook.
    - message sent from Outlook, although shown up in Outlook's Sent folder, I cannot see those messages when I logged in to the webclient. Mail sent from the webclient shows up correctly in Outlook Sent box.
    - I read through some of the postings, people mentioned the same problem. They said to look for send mail api call in the ZOC log. I enabled the log & sent a test message. Cannot see any send mail api being called. May be I was searching for the wrong string. I attached a copy of my ZOC log in zip format.

    I would appreciate some help here.

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