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Thread: Changes within a shared calendar not visible

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    So let me get this straight:

    In the web client if you make an appointment and then close the window immediately without hitting refresh or allowing the auto-refresh to go, your appointment will be lost?

    I can see the Outlook part of things not working 100% correctly, but if this is the case in the WebUI....

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    The lost appointments in the web UI is not something we've seen. If you can reproduce such a bug please post the reproduce steps to bugzilla.

    For those that mentioned about paying for Zimbra and would like us to file the bugs you need to use the support portal or email support@. The forums are a best effort support since we don't track and followup as closely as we do with the support ticket system used by paying customers. We do our best but at times some issues on the forums slip through. Of you'd like us to file the bug on your behalf please use the support portal. Of course it's even better if you file the bug yourself.

    The plan is to fix the issue of shared calendar(and other items) notification in 5.0. You can watch progress here:

    Bug 6082 - enable notification for delegate stores/shared folders

    If you have further questions feel free to PM me or Jholder.
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