Client configuration:

Windows Terminal Services (so everyone is sharing the same instance of Outlook). Microsoft Office 2007 (Outlook 2007 uninstalled) Outlook 2003 installed in its place. (this may or may not be THE issue but we have had other issues with this configuration especially when it comes to M$ updates.

ZCS 4.5.4 on Linux ;^)

Logs: None. Why ? In our case turning on logging for one user means turning it on for all users and it floods the logs horribly (so I have been told).

We have had numerous issues but here is the latest.

1) User tries to send a large attachment (75 megs ) which will result in approx 100meg email after encoding. This exceeds the max attach and mail size which is set to 10 megs.

2) Outlook chugs away and appears to hang. If you let it go long enough you will see an error (non informative) dialog (now with the 75 meg attachment we NEVER saw this dialog. After 4 hours we terminated the transmission and deleted the email from the outbox). On smaller attachments that were still too big we did see an error message. The server log accurately shows the attachment was too big.

3) So we close outlook but there is still an outlook.exe process running with a lot of memory. The server logs also indicate more attachment too large errors. So will kill the outlook.exe with task manager. Ok server log still shows an error but it is every 5 minutes as opposed to every 2 so we believe it is another user. It turns out the same person logged on as someone else and tried to send the same attachment as a different user.

4) Ok so we restart Outlook. We watch the Task Manager and the memory usage starts to grow very fast into the hundreds of megs. The zdb file has grown to 500 megs (it grew by over a 100meg). Then Outlook crashes. And it crashes again.

5) Profile had to be recreated. We renamed the zdb file so a new one would be created. It was half as big.

6) The next morning the same user tried to move a folder (which contained several folders and emails) down from the inbox to her personal folder.

Then .... OUCH !!!

The progress dialog goes away and no error dialog appears. The transmission only moved a few folders and emails down from zimbra. However 3 folders and hundreds of emails within them are no where to be found.

I know you will probably have more questions but this is best I can give you at the moment. This is happening in production and we just can't recreate it when they are running.

I am sure part of what is happening is an M$ version compatibility thing but some of this has to be the connector as well considering all the issues we have had with Calendar sharing. Who knows it may all be the 2007/2003 mixture.

Hopefully there is enough info here that might shed light on a problem or maybe others have experienced something similar. We cannot move the clients off of 2007 so we are stuck between a rock ... well you know. I can only conclude that we will have to move this client to Exchange as sad as that is.