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Thread: Syncing Exchange with Zimbra OSE

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    Default Syncing Exchange with Zimbra OSE

    I'm looking for a simple solution to sync my Exchange account to a Zimbra account I've setup using IMAP.

    I run Outlook 2007 pretty much 24/7 on my desktop here at work. I want to keep an off-site backup of my e-mail for a few reasons, the big one being that I don't have a quota limit on my own mail server. Every few months I have to go through my Exchange account and delete a lot of archived e-mail I'd rather keep. I don't want to use local folders here at work I want to store a copy of everything externally.

    I've got the connection setup so my Outlook 2007 has my Exchange account in it and an IMAP account to my Zimbra server. Is there anyway I can make it automatically sync the entire folder structure of my Exchange account to my Zimbra IMAP account? I've looked at the rules/alerts in Outlook and they are pretty neat but they won't keep track of a message if I put it into a folder I'll just end up with a huge mess in my Zimbra Inbox.

    Oh and I don't need to sync contacts, calender, connect to the Exchange server, none of that stuff thats in the Network Edition of Zimbra. All I want is a duplicate of my Exchange mail automatically synced to my Zimbra Open Source Edition Server.

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    The Outlook Connector in Zimbra NE is what synchronises the email as well as the contacts etc. You don't say whether you have your Exchange server local to you, you could set-up a split Domain (details in the wiki). There is no way you can 'sync' between the two servers using the method you describe.

    Why don't you set-up your Exchange to forward a copy of all your email to the Zimbra server?


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