I'm looking for a simple solution to sync my Exchange account to a Zimbra account I've setup using IMAP.

I run Outlook 2007 pretty much 24/7 on my desktop here at work. I want to keep an off-site backup of my e-mail for a few reasons, the big one being that I don't have a quota limit on my own mail server. Every few months I have to go through my Exchange account and delete a lot of archived e-mail I'd rather keep. I don't want to use local folders here at work I want to store a copy of everything externally.

I've got the connection setup so my Outlook 2007 has my Exchange account in it and an IMAP account to my Zimbra server. Is there anyway I can make it automatically sync the entire folder structure of my Exchange account to my Zimbra IMAP account? I've looked at the rules/alerts in Outlook and they are pretty neat but they won't keep track of a message if I put it into a folder I'll just end up with a huge mess in my Zimbra Inbox.

Oh and I don't need to sync contacts, calender, connect to the Exchange server, none of that stuff thats in the Network Edition of Zimbra. All I want is a duplicate of my Exchange mail automatically synced to my Zimbra Open Source Edition Server.