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Thread: Educational Institution Adopting Zimbra

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    Default Educational Institution Adopting Zimbra

    I am a system admin at a Community College and would like to know if there are any kludges that would fill a few voids in my roadmap to adopting Zimbra for our student email system.

    1. Is there a way for someone to 'self-register' once they have validated against a backend system (ie. Active Directory or LDAP), so that students can set up their own email accounts after being validated?

    2. I am sure this is probably on the roadmap, but a script/job/admin function that could delete users that have had no activity in XX number of days?

    3. (Really from left field).. Ability to receive/send appointments to the Groupwise 6 mail system. I can send the format of the outbound/inbound appointments if that would help

    I am not a programmer/coder, so tackling some of these projects is beyond my ability - I am just curious as to whether or not they are do-able with the existing Zimbra (should I be able to kidnap one of our programmers), or whether I would have to wait for a later release before pushing ahead with the project. I do a lot of server side scripting, so if there is some sort of API that I could pass info to for authentication, adding users, etc. then I could probably tackle it myself - more documentation would be a great boon.

    BTW, I am very impressed with the ease of setting up Zimbra to authenticate against a variety of sources - usually AD authentication in our environment is a bugaboo, but Zimbra handled it like a champ. I think this project will be a real winner.
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