Mykel Bates & Shawn Owens stand beside their newly configured Zimbra box.

At the end of the 06-07 school year, the Mountain Pine EAST lab was searching for a E-mail server due to the restrictions of the MSDN academic alliance. Eighth grade student administrator Shawn Owens decided to install Zimbra and attempt to configure the open source solution for our lab. The year ended with a Zimbra box that was running but configured improperly. In the 07-08 school year, eleventh grade student Mykel Bates, a Linux enthusiast, decided to assist Shawn due to his lack of exposure to Linux.

After joining the Zimbra online community, the two students worked with true professionals in the field and successfully configured our labís new Zimbra box. Educators everywhere are encouraged to have students engage in this type of activity. The Zimbra community is more than helpful, and this project has motivated my students to engage in other high level IT projects.

Thanks Zimbra for empowering students to take on real life problems, and giving them the support they need to succeed.