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Thread: Zimbra and The University

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    Default staged license requirement

    think university
    20,000+ students
    1,000+ faculty
    500+ admins/staffers

    how many need _JUST_ email? (all)
    how many need calendaring? (only a few 100)
    cell phone / PDA support? (less than 100 - maybe **complete WAG** )
    Shared Folders? (couple of 100)
    group emails (one for each class taught, for majors, for departments, and so on) billions and billions of combinations

    That is what I am investigating this product for...... (our spec calls for a 4% growth rate on email per year)

    the AD tree (that i dislike soooo much) has over 20,000 groups at the top level (nesting - weeee dont need no steekin nesting! sayeth the AD admins)

    we're about 60/40 PC/Mac with a blossoming Linux populace stealing from both camps - I think my English Dept. just had a faculty ask for a linux boxen this past month....

    Backups are important!!!! how is this accomplished?

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    I split this thread so it's easy to find and can focus on this topic.

    Since you need live backups and PDA/Mobile support, you'll want the Network Edition which includes these features and many more.

    Zimbra's AJAX web client works on PC's, Mac's, and Linux OS. So the multi-OS support is not a problem but actually encouraged! Your Mac user's will enjoy our iSync adaptor(beta coming soon) which will give them two-way sync with their native Apple applications.

    Zimbra supports an unlimited number of distributions lists that can be managed from the command line or from the admin UI.

    For AD Zimbra can use AD as the master for auth and/or GAL. This is a simple configuration in the admin UI.

    Anything I missed?
    Looking for new beta users -> Co-Founder of Acompli. Previously worked at Zimbra (and Yahoo! & VMware) since 2005.

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