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Thread: Zimbra web client user documentation?

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    I've made a start on our Wink videos.

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    I found setting up a trouble ticketing system really helps. I use Request Tracker.

    Then if i get frequent questions, I can post the solutions in our knowledge base. Also if you have an intranet, set up a message board so people that are more savvy can help those who are less so.

    You gotta be very procedural, though and make sure you direct people to the appropriate channels for their support requests. Eventually people will find resources like the help menus and message boards quite helpful. It just takes a little time to convince the end users that they don't have to stare at it all day long to get the info they need. (i.e. SEARCH!)

    I spend more time training people how to find answers on their own because I find it more efficient than trying to anticipate and develop training for every plausable stumbling block.



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