We are a private K-12 institution. I hope to install Zimbra this summer and wondered if anyone had suggestions for setting up shared calendaring for our staff, training our staff, etc. In our current calendar we have a large number of shared calendar categories covering the gamut of sports, fine arts, clubs and activities, all school events, etc. How have people organized all these different events into a manageable system of viewing shared calendars?

As I consider this I have many questions. Here are a few:

Are there ways of creating categories of calendars & allowing users the option of subscribing to an entire category, or individual calendars with in a category?

Is there a way to turn off internal notes for events that are published in a publicly shared calendar?

Must users manually subscribe to shared calendars they have access to, or is there an automated way of giving access?

Should these shared calendars be shared from an active account (i.e. a secretary, or our Athletic Director) or should users be set up exclusively for sharing calendars?

We will be brainstorming solutions here over the next few weeks, prior to our implementation. Any suggestions would be welcome.