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Thread: Oracle Works Hours Option into Zimbra

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    Default Oracle Works Hours Option into Zimbra

    As we are in the process of shifting from Oracle to Zimbra, I have encountered a particularly annoying preferences problem. In Oracle, I can set my work hours for each day (for most academics work hours vary given the day), but I can't find a way to do this in Zimbra. In Oracle you simply defined the work hours for each day, and all hours outside of these were "grayed out" so other users knew not to schedule you for meetings during those times. Also, this helped people know what your schedule was, if you were working flexible hours. Any help with this will be appreciated. Thanks!

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    As a workaround people could set recurring appointments during non-work hours so it would show they were unavailable. For instance, I don't want to show I'm available before 10am each Wednesday, so I would set up a recurring appointment to show as busy form midnight-10am and recur on Wednesdays. They would have to do this for days and one in the am and one in the pm, but it would work.

    You could also vote for this enhancement request Bug 15427 – Ability to set working hours on a per-user basis

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