This may not be appropriate, but given my experience with email, I have no faith that anyone will hear the voice mail I just left. So I'm hoping that someone from Zimbra actually reads this forum and will respond.

My organization is evaluating replacement candidates for Meeting Maker. I have been tasked with checking out Zimbra. Part of that research involves getting specific pricing of the Professional version for our location.

My first attempt was to send email, per the link on the pricing page, to "sales" was clearly a forward to someone who no longer exists and I got "No such user here (in reply to RCPT TO command)".

So I next decided to use the form the pricing page provides. I filled it out and submitted it. Apparently all that form does is generate an email of its own and sends it to the same person because I got the same error.

My third attempt was to try the phone number on the corporate contact page. No answer...just voice mail.

Maybe you don't really WANT to sell your product?