Hi all

I'm new to zimbra, but I like it very much. I think with zimbra I found what I was looking for: a great email (and more) environment for our school (~150 teachers, ~850 pupils)! I'm using the debian version (I installed 3.1.4)

I have some questions:
  • Why does zimbra bring its own version of all the necessary applications (postfix, clamav, amavis, openldap, ...)? Why not using the distributor's versions?
  • Is this just the case for the debian version? Is it handled differently when using rpms?
  • I'm not feeling very comfortable with this situation. How are security updates handled? When a security fix for e.g. postfix is released, will there be a new zimbra release or does it automatically update postfix (I dont think so)...
  • I need to run other websites (on apache) on the same server (our financial resources are limited... we are a federal school), but I cant run apache (or zimbra) on a different port because of the firewall (managed by our provider, just a few open ports, all used). So it would be much easier if zimbra would depend on the distributor's packages.

Thanks for your great work.