Hello everyone,

i am testing zimbra to install it as a mail solution for my college. i have few questions:
1. How can i send administrative alerts to everyone:
can i send a single mail to all users through the administrative console?
2.can i put up a message somewhere on the webpages, so that is clearly visible to everyone?
3. we have to create domains for every department, so at the login page, can a drop down menu be placed, so that the user is not required to type his/her complete address.
4. can i create mailing lists to which only certain users can mail?
that is i create a list of all the students of a class and only the faculty is allowed to mail them
5. i have read abt the mass user addition script, but can i also add their details when using that script
6. currently we use qmail/courier-imap/vpopmail on RHEL 4, can i transfer existing mails and accounts?

hope to get my queries solved, the zimbra suite is an excellent application and i would like to implement it.