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Thread: Windows mobile 2003 AXIM X30

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    Default Windows mobile 2003 AXIM X30

    Good day everybody,
    We have a Pocket PC AXIM X30 and I have a Zimbra Server Network edition, but I've tried to view the WEB zimbra Client from my Pocket but I just saw a part of the page, so if I enter with the client Basic I can saw everything. In the server I activate the option Zimbra Mobile in the COS and The Server Features users. I have use Widnows Mobile 2003. Any Know some solution??

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    The AJAX web client will not run on your mobile device, it's not supported (the basic client is HTML based and will work). The point of zimbra mobile is to connect to a Zimbra NE server and update your mail/contacts/calendar with the mail client on your device.


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    Also, the iZimbra will be standards complaint:

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