[This is a re-post, as my original post ran into some difficulties when I tried to edit it later and the only fix was to delete it.]

I've *finally* been able to get our Tungsten E2s to successfully sync with our Zimbra server. This also worked for the few Palm TXs we have.

It was frustrating figuring all this out, because while I dug around in these forums extensively I never did find anything that had *all* the pieces I needed. I did find a lot of people wanting to be able to sync non-mobile Palms without having to use Outlook so hopefully this will help somebody else who wants to do the same thing.

This is what I've done:

0) Did a full sync on the Palms with our old calendar server, so all calendar data on the Palms was current.

1) Installed a PPP program on the sync PC so the Palm could get a network connection. The one I'm using is Softick PPP. I like it because it worked for me (always a good thing), and because you don't have to install any software on the Palm itself, and also because it has the ability to create a debug log, which has been extremely helpful.

2) Upgraded to VersaMail 3.5; this version seems to runs fine on the E2s. Most of our E2s are newish, and came with 3.1 installed, but it gave me some trouble and since 3.5 gives you the ability to sync your contacts, I upgraded them.

3) Configured VersaMail for an Exchange ActiveSync connection to the Zimbra server.

4) Sync must be initiated by VersaMail on the Palm; performing a standard HotSync will not sync with the Zimbra server. This means that our staff members will need a little re-training, since the sync with our old calendar server was done via standard HotSync.

5) VersaMail can be configured to sync all (mail, calendar, contacts) or each piece can sync on it's own. Since we want to sync calendar only, I've configured VersaMail to not download any mail. But in my testing, mail synced fine.

6) We're in the process of rolling it out to all our staff members with Palms, and so far it's been working really well.

7) So our additional outlay was a copy of Softick PPP for each computer and the upgrade to VersaMail 3.5 for each Palm, but I no longer have to buy antacid by the case so it's a wash.