I have a small business client that I'm considering switching over to hosted Zimbra accounts. They have around 10 users, heavy email, and are on Macs. They currently share contacts through shared projects in Entourage, and use the Entourage conduit and Palm's software to sync their Treos.

The President of the company has a Treo and a Mother. The company has a shared contacts list. The President will want his mother's contact info on Zimbra Web Client and on his Treo. He also wants the shared company contact in both places. He does not want his mother's contact info to be shared. This seems to be a problem for Zimbra. Here is what I think I know about this:

- Zimbra Mobile can use one address book and one calendar from the Zimbra web client for syncing. This will leave El Presidente's Treo without either the company shared contacts or his Mom's contact info (along with other private contacts).

- iSync Connector will let me sync multiple calendars, but still only one address book, to a Mac. He could then sync with his Mac as he currently does. But this still will not solve the problem.

Am I missing something?

Note that there are actually several people in the company who need this. They each have private contacts that they want to sync to their Palm and WM5 phones along with the company wide shared contacts.

What about setting up a dummy address book for syncing only, and copying data from other address books into it? How difficult would it be to update the dummy address book regularly?

If there was some way to save a contact search and designate it as a virtual address book to be used for syncing that would seem to solve the problem.

And, by the way, is there a user manual for Zimbra Web Client around anywhere? I did find help pages here: