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Thread: Starting with a blank slate: Direct GPRS/EDGE to Zimbra or use Blackberry?

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    Default Starting with a blank slate: Direct GPRS/EDGE to Zimbra or use Blackberry?

    I know that the BES integration isn't quite ready for prime time, but apparently is slated for release with 5.0, so for this query, assume that we're willing to wait that kind of time frame.

    We've not yet rolled out mobile smart phone devices to staff, but intend to in the near/medium term future. I've been advised by a mobile carrier here in Australia that using blackberrys is better than using a non-BB smart phone as they compress data very well, which enables them to offer special blackberry plans which are cheaper than straight data. However, this would involve buying the Blackberry Enterprise Server and running it on whatever hardware is needed.

    Has anyone done much comparison in the costs of running say a dozen mobile devices that sync with Zimbra directly over GPRS vs running the same number of blackberrys? I'm keen to make sure we have a stable solution, but would obviously prefer not to over-complicate the back-end services required.

    Any thoughts from those who've gone through a similar decision making process in the past would be appreciated.

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    Well, I think it all comes down to which device you like more. Zimbra will provide the same services to either device.

    Our goal is to fit Zimbra into what you want.

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