I am pretty new to Zimbra. We are running NE 4.5.6 for a couple of weeks now. I have been using FirstClass by OpenText as groupware for over 10 years. On the client side I use MacOS X 10.4.10 with the Apple application suite, Addressbook, iCal and Mail. As a mobile device I personally use a Treo 650, others are using Nokia's E61. No Blackberry's at our site :-)

Some questions regarding the use of Zimbra Mobile with Palm Treo 650 and some general questions which I could not find within the docs and forum:

I. Contacts
- What happens to the Categories of the Contacts? All my categories seem to have been turned into tags which are globally available, i.e. also usable for emails which doesn't make any sense. Is their any concept for categories within the addressbook module of Zimbra?

- Palm OS has limited fields, for example it supports just 5 fields for emails and phone numbers, one for IM data and one URL on How do they map into the Zimbra fields. What happens with fields that do not show up on the Palm but are still available within Zimbra when I change a record on Palm and it will synchronize this record back to Zimbra?

II. Calendar (Events)
- Same question here, what happens to event categories? Do they map to individual calendars within Zimbra?

- Is there a way to categorize (tag) events within a given calendar?

III. Tasks
- I understand this is not yet implemented but will be in 5.0. Is this correct?

IV. General
- Does Zimbra Mobile differ in functionality depending on which mobile device one uses? By that I mean what is the best mobile phone to use to make use of the most features!

- How do I reset the sync session, for example if I want Zimbra Mobile to force Zimbra to overwrite the handheld or vice versa?

A lot of questions at once, I hope somebody has had the same problems while getting started.