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Thread: Treo 650 crashes when configured with ActiveSync account.

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    Default Treo 650 crashes when configured with ActiveSync account.

    I configured an ActiveSync account on a Treo 650 with Versamail 3.5 non SSL. Everything went fine with the sync. I then installed the direct-push update, and after the next sync, the palm went into an endless reboot cycle.

    I had to do a hard reset. I did not hotsync, in case there was a conflicting application. I updated to Versamail 3.5, installed the direct-push update, and set up the ActiveSync account again. After the sync, endless reboots again.

    Has anyone else experienced this behavior, or have any idea what is going on? I can configure a direct push ActiveSync account to Exchange on this device without issue.

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    What is the server version? There are errors in the server log rwt your account?

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    Looks like this is definately not a zimbra issue. I am using t-mobile web GPRS access. The only direct ports I have access to are 25, 143, and 110. Everything else has to be directed through t-mobile's proxy.

    I configured the exchange box with https access on port 110 as well as 443 to avoid going through the proxy. I had trouble changing zimbra's web port to 143 or 110, so i connected through the proxy.

    Well, i tried ActiveSync to the exchange box on port 443 over the proxy and I had the same issue crash and continual rebooting with the PALM. Any ideas?

    I'm still not sure why i was unable to change the web port on zimbra to 143 or 110. I moved POP and IMAP to different ports, of course, and everything seemed to go fine with the zmprov command. The port is definately listening (checked with telnet) but I am unable to access through activesync or even a web browser unless i change it back to 80 or just about anything else i set it to.

    FYI, zimbra 4.5.9 network trial.

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