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Thread: Zimbra Mobile not syncing correctly for one user.

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    Default Zimbra Mobile not syncing correctly for one user.

    I have one user who when setup on his AT&T 8525 Phone can create Calendar items on his PDA that sync with his Outlook but it does not sync Calendar items created on his Outlook up to his pda. I have setup other accounts on the phone and they sync both ways.

    I have also looked at his account and under the features tab ZIMBRA MOBILE is checked. (I have even Unchecked, saved and rechecked)

    What else can be causing some of his items not to sync to the phone? (when other accounts work fine with it)

    Big thanks
    Newbie Moe

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    Do you have the Zimbra connector for Exchange installed?

    That way outlook syncs to the server, and the phone syncs to the server.

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