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Thread: Exchange ActiveSync Functional Specifications?

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    Default Exchange ActiveSync Functional Specifications?

    We're beginning to evaluate Zimbra's support of mobile devices, and are having trouble establishing a set of baseline functionality.

    There are differences created by the clients (Palm vs. Windows
    Mobile 5 vs. Windows Mobile 6), the EAS implementation in the cient, and
    the server implementations (Exchange 2003 vs. Exchange 2007 vs.

    Marketing material seems easy to come by, but a matrix of
    functional specifications is not something I've been able
    to find anywhere.

    Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    To partially answer my own question...

    The folks at have partially reverse engineered
    the protocol:

    Main Page - OpenChange wiki

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    Maybe a little bit more than just partially
    Funambol,OpenChange,Sogo,Zarafa where will Zimbra fit in? Does it still want to play?

    Would love to hear from you guys being that you're at least 4 years invested in Zimbra already? (unless you've switched sine 2008...)

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