I'm a windows mobile user here, and again I have to ask how do people work with mobile email?

I have all these awesome filters setup in zimbra to flag messages, tag them, file them in the appropriate spot, and then use a simple query to pull all the important items together in one view.

I'd really love to take that query, and make it my "inbox" on my windows mobile device.

We dont have access to the zimbra mobile code to make this change, so when can we expect that option? Zimbra mobile inbox query? I think there is a bug for it already, I'll look up the number, doesnt anyone else see the value in this?

The only other way I can think of doing it is to remove my auto folder filings, so I can get all my emails in my inbox without having to use the terrible folder system in windows mobile.

Or is there some other program I should use on my phone?