Hey all,

I am having quite some trouble with synching between mobile and zimbra since a few days now. Time to ask for some help :-)

The problem is, that I cannot sync correctly between my Outlook 2007, Vista (connected via 5.01 Outlook Connector to my company zimbra server) and my iPhone through iTunes. I have all the relevant software installed, the iTunes AddIn is running and the iPhone set up for using Outlook as source for contacts and calendar.

  • When I add an event to my iPhone calendar, it appears in Outlook 2007 (cool!)
  • When I add an event in Outlook 2007, it sometimes appear in the iPhone calendar
  • When I add multiple events in Outlook 2007 in addition, they never appear on the iPhone.
  • But when I delete the first working event in the synced place, the original disappears also.

So in the end, I am getting a partial sync sometimes ... how great it this ;-)

Reading all the boards and posts, I didn't really find any solution. I reinstalled iTunes, added a new Zimbra profile, imported all Zimbra settings again, but nothing helped.
iTunes doesn't show any additional calenders, but I read that this is the regular case as only the main calendar gets used. On my desktop Outlook 2007 side, everything seems to be ok.

Our company Zimbra server is running 5.0.1 (at least). Actually the mobile web client works, so I am not sure whether that is 5.0.3 already? Anyhow the connector I am using is a 5.0.1 version.

Guys, I am really looking forward to all you great help. Maybe somebody else went through this before and knows the pill to take

Thanks in advance,

(and please feel welcome to ask for more details if needed)