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Thread: Wired Mobile SOlution

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    Default Wired Mobile SOlution

    Is there a solution for those users wishing to sync their mobile devices to the Zimbra server directly using a wired connection? Or, is that to be done through a client such as Outlook. I am pretty sure it is the latter but just needed to get confirmation. Thanks in advance!

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    Well, if you mean to sync a device that doesn't have wifi or cell network based network, then you could potentially do it over USB. Please *note* this is not usb sync with Outlook. Rather, depending on the device type, you may be able to share network connection over USB so that the device can use host computer's network. For example, for WM devices, ActiveSync (not to be confused with the over-the-air protocol) the desktop software can share network connection with the device.

    It's not something we encourage users to do as it's clumsy and confusing. But it could be done if you really don't have other options.

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