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Thread: Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies

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    Default Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies

    Does Zimbra currently have any intention to implement the Exchange Active Sync Mailbox policies or remote device wipe?

    (See Understanding Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies
    and Understanding Remote Device Wipe
    for details about what this all does.)

    These features are in EAS, clearly, so that the Windows Mobile platform can compete, in terms of security and enterprise manageability, with Blackberries.

    But Apple also intends to put these facilities into its EAS implementation for the iPhone (Apple - iPhone - Enterprise).

    For those of us who would like to be able to do Zimbra/iPhone as securely as one could do Exchange/Blackberry, adding this would be a great thing.
    - Saul

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    I've subsequently found (isn't that how it always happens?) an RFE which appears to be scheduled for 5.5 to implement device wipe (Bug 18424 - Remote device wipe for windows mobile devices). That's a really good start, but enforcement of password policies on the device (for example) would make this a really good thing.

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    Please file an RFE for the device policies. Thanks for your input!

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