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Thread: having problem to setup my PDA phone

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    Default having problem to setup my PDA phone


    I've read the article from :
    Mobile Device Setup - Zimbra :: Wiki
    for mobile device setup, however, still having problem when
    sync with ZCS. Could anyone help on this issue?

    My environment and steps are :

    0. mobile phone is a PDA phone based on Windows Mobile 5, and
    using Windows Mobile Device Center 6.0 to sync between phone and
    PC. ZCS is 5.0.6 NE, and using https://

    1. create the certificate by sslchainsaver command :
    and copy \\root.cer to phone and install

    2. configure a new account on phone, input the server name,
    and select "SSL connection".

    3. Username/Password/Domain (in this case,

    4. Sync

    the device returns error and the code# is 0x80072F0D which looks
    like something wrong in the certificate.

    Any comment will be highly appreciated, Thanks.

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    I am having this exact same problem. I too used the sslchainsaver command to generate the root.cer, copied it to the mobile device and imported it w/o error.

    However when attempting to sync I get the same "0x80072F0D" support code.

    If I attempt to view the cert info on my Windows machine it appears to be a valid cert file, containing information and being recognized as a cert.

    I've tried to delete the cert file and re-import it with the same result.

    I would greatly appreciate some help in resolving this issue.

    For what it's worth, I spent $15 on a godaddy ssl cert and it's working great now.
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