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Thread: iphone 2.0 and contact photo syncing zimbra 5.0.5

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    Default iphone 2.0 and contact photo syncing zimbra 5.0.5

    I added a photo to a contact in my contacts list on my iphone 2.0. When I logged into zimbra webmail, the contact photo was not there. Also, checking the outlook connector, the photo was not there.

    Does zimbra Mobile support photo uploading on the iPhone 2.0? We're currently using ZCS 5.0.5

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    To use the iPhone and Zimbra you need to be on Zimbra 5.0.7 There are several things that won't work on earlier versions. Another issue you may see is the email reset causing initial sync over and over.

    Bottom line is you need to upgrade to 5.0.7
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