The iPhone 2.0 software does not put the Zimbra ActiveSync connection into
standby mode, causing the phone battery to be consumed quickly. As tested with an Exchange 2003 installation, the iPhone does go into standby mode with a stock Exchange installation, but not with a Zimbra installation. This bug can render an iPhone unusable in a matter of two hours, since battery life will quickly be drained.


1. In iPhone 2.0, add account from the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" menu in

2. Go to "Add Account..." and select "Microsoft Exchange."

3. Enter email address, username, and password. Hit next once. You will be prompted to enter a server address.

4. Enable any service--in particular, the mail service.

5. In the general Settings menu, ensure that the setting for "Fetch New Data" is "Push."

6. In the General menu of Settings, observe the usage time and the standby
time. Record these times on a piece of paper.

7. Ensure that the phone is not plugged to a power source and wait about ten minutes.

8. Observe that the Usage time has increased with the Standby time. Notice that battery life is quickly draining.


1. An iPhone connected to an Exchange 2003 server correctly drops into Standby mode.

2. The same test was applied to an Exchange 2003 hookup. The iPhone Usage and Standby times were recorded. It was observed that the Usage time did not increase when the iPhone was put to sleep--only Standby time increased.

3. The iPhone battery life is close to the expected/rated battery life.