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Thread: Getting a Certificate for WM6

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    Default Getting a Certificate for WM6

    Hi, I was following the instructions for setting up my HTC P3600i (WM6) from the Zimbra Wiki. I downloaded SslChainSaver and ran it as per the instructions, and got this error :

    connect failed:no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it myIPaddress:443

    its not a firewall issue, so is there something I have to allow on the zimbra server, or is there another way to get the Zimbra certificate onto my HTC?


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    I was able to export my CA cert in cer format directly on my server. I unfortunately didn't save the command that I used, but I got the instructions on these forums. I was able to export the cert, and I can take that file and put it on my WM phones and import it no problem. Sorry I don't have exact instructions.
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