iphone version: 3g
zimbra version: Version 5.0.0_GA_1869.UBUNTU6.NETWORK Dec 18, 2007

Before reading that the iphone was not fully supported through to version 5.0.7, we setup the activesync connection to our zimbra server with the boss's iphone - everything worked fine for a while with no problems.

However he noticed duplicate contacts starting to appear in his zimbra and on the iphone. Randomly selected contacts would start duplicating to number 10-20 duplicates. Additionally new contacts would be created with the name CONTACT 24731 and duplicate hundreds of times over. After fours days of mail, calendar and contact sync'ing the zimbra addressbook has swelled from 200 contacts to 10241 contacts - all duplicates.

Calendar and mail working perfectly.

I understand this is a problem related to us using 5.0.0 - but has it been noticed by anyone else and will upgrading to 5.0.8 will fix the problem.

Is there anything else I should know about upgrading the zimbra server before I start and will it fix my problem.

Thanks in advance