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    How do I configure my Blackberry to IMAP/POP my email from the new Aggies Exchange Server?

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    Following the steps below will configure your Blackberry to IMAP/POP your email from the Aggies Exchange Server.

    Note: To proceed you will need to have a data plan setup through your cell phone provider.

    Setting up your Blackberry:

    You need to have the new Aggies Exchange Mail set up though the IT Service Desk. Please contact 797-HELP for information or obtain the online request form at Information Technology - - Utah State University

    Once your email account is setup on the server you need to start the Email setup on your Blackberry phone. This should be located in the setup wizard on your Blackberry.

    In the setup wizard you have three selections to choose from:

    · I want to create or add an email address

    · I want to use a work email account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server

    · I want to skip email setup

    Select the first: I want to create or add an email address

    Press” Next”. Now select “add an email account”. This will connect you to the Internet to complete the following steps.

    Next, it will ask for your Email address. This is typically configured to be

    Next, press Enter. You then need to confirm your password.

    Now select “I will provide the setting to add this email account” then press NEXT

    Select “Internet Service Provider Email (pop/imap)” then select “I will provide the setting to add this email account” again and press NEXT.

    Next, four fields need to be entered. Some may be pre-populated.

    · Email address is your

    i. The same as entered in step 5 above

    · Username is your A#

    · Password is your email password

    · Email server is
    Press NEXT

    This should complete your email setup and your email should now populate to your Blackberry phone.

    If you are unable to connect after following these steps please see the following FAQ: Why won't my Blackberry work with POP3/IMAP on the... - Frequently Asked Questions - Information Technology - - Utah State University

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