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Thread: Iphone and double deletion

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    Default Iphone and double deletion


    One of our users has been checking out the iphone 3g and Zimbra and has had one odd deletion problem.

    If an item is first deleted on the server eg via web interface, and then deleted on the iphone and subsequently synced it starts to get lost on what is where and says item failed to delete with a 'could not trash item' error on the phone. Couldn't solve it by moving server item back out of trash as it just created a duplicate on iphone. Only way the thing could be cured was to delete entire account on iphone and do a complete re-sync.

    Before we file a bug just wondered if this was a problem with the iPhone or Zimbra, ie does anyone have similar problems with other devices or does iPhone 3g have this when Exchange syncing?

    We've not had this error on anything else but then it's good to have as wide a sample as possible! Other than this it seems to be working well.

    Any comments or suggestions?



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    it sounds more like a phone issue. can this user consistently reproduce this problem? can other iphone uses do as ell? if we have multiple independent confirmations and repro steps, the least we can do is to follow up with apple.

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