Recently after trying to view the Zimbra calendar through the new iPhone we noticed that a lot of days were all showing up as Monday instead of their respective days. After doing a bit of exploring we discovered that any appointment spanning over a day break, will result in the next day being referred to as the day when the appointment first started. So as a result any week where someone has the week off every day is Monday.

We've only looked at the calendar using the iPhone so I don't know if this behaviour is present with other mobile devices.

The only way around it right now is to set a recurring appointment so that an appointment is created each day. The problem with this is that it's really a bit of a pain to setup with the number of steps you have to go through, especially with less experienced users. Not to mention the number of appointments that have already been created in one format that would need to be switched over.

I was wondering if anyone else is seeing this behaviour, and if so, are you seeing it on other devices?