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    Red face iPhone battery life revisited

    I have not been able to determine the quality of battery life due to the fact that I have the iPhone connected to the computer all day long (come on, SYNC ALREADY!!!) and have spent plenty of my time resetting and reloading my iPhone (I am trying to kick my app addiction, trust me.)

    Last night I disconnected the iPhone (1st gen, EDGE, original battery, WIFi on) from my work MacBook @ 5:30pm. It is set to push, and also handles my .Mac (email only.) Active Sync takes care of my Contacts, Calendar and Mail.

    Over the course of the evening, I sent a bunch of mail, created and re-jumbled a bunch of test events in the calendar, and created and modified contacts over the evening. I suppose I could get a heavier load on it, but maybe its just that I am not that popular anymore seeing that Zimbra reliability has lessened my odd-hour support requests. ;-) I talked on the phone for a total of 1.5 hours, sent a couple SMS messages. Played Bejeweled 2 for what seems like a couple hours in total. Before I went to bed I did some more playing with push items on Zimbra, and set my alarm clock. (Mmmm... Crickets.)

    Woke up with the alarm, watched some of my test meeting alerts go off, headed out the door. On the train I monkeyed with Bejeweled again, played with email, and surfed the web for 10 minutes. That is when I got the "20% Battery Remaining" notice, I suppose it wasn't a torture test and I could have done a lot more web browsing and done some iPod stuff, but the fully charged phone lasted from 5:30pm to 7:40am until I got the 20% notice. Not bad, in my book.

    I wish it could last longer, but it is still my favorite phone and I ain't giving it up! When I finally get my 3G in a couple months I will be able to run tests on that. Until then, what are your results?

    Have fun,
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