Hi all,

This is my first post so please forgive me if my etiquette is imperfect. I'm running ZCS 5.0.9 and I am attempting to leverage iPhone's support for multiple calendars on a mobile device via ActiveSync. It seems to me from my experimentation thus far that there is a basic limitation of this support: you cannot mobile sync calendars shared with you which belong to other users.

I thought I may be able to work around this by creating a new calendar which syncs with a "remote" calendar and then feeding that calendar the sharing link for the other user's calendar, but Zimbra times out attempting to access it. I've verified that I can indeed access it via a browser, etc. I suspect there is some sort of formatting issue (i.e. the data provided by the link is not the data the sync feature needs to see), but I thought I'd bounce my idea off the community.

Obviously, if I'm overlooking an easier and/or more elegant way to accomplish this, I'm all ears.