I'm looking for some help getting Zimbra Mobile working in our multiple server setup. We have two servers, zimbra1.domain.com, and zimbra2.domain.com, let's say. We've got our Apache proxy set up so that wireless.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?* gets proxied to zimbra1.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?* (that's obviously not the exact Apache config, but I don't have the rules from the Apache conf handy at the moment). This is working fine for users whose mailboxes are on zimbra1.domain.com. But when users whose mailboxes are on zimbra2.domain.com try to connect, it doesn't work. Zimbra returns a 500 error, judging from the Apache logs, and I see an error like this in the sync.log file on the zimbra1.domain.com:

2008-09-08 16:50:29,777 WARN [btpool0-21396] [] sync - Mailbox access error
com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: operation sent to wrong host (you want 'zimbra2.domain.com')
Code:service.WRONG_HOST Arghost, STR, "zimbra2.domain.com")

As far as I knew this was supposed to be fixed. (Bug 9469 – ZCS Mailbox Server Proxy I think.) So is there some kind of intra-Zimbra-server proxying that isn't configured properly perhaps? I'm not primarily the admin, I'm primarily a developer, but I'm trying to figure this out anyway. Any info would be appreciated, thanks!