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Thread: Usability of ZCS on iPhone via Safari web

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    Default Usability of ZCS on iPhone via Safari web

    I have been using ZCS via safari on my iphone for 2 months now (since July11 ) via the web AJAX mobile edition and have a few suggestions that may or may not improve usability from my point of view.

    I would be interested in other peoples thoughts.

    1. Can the login screen be more iphone friendly (if an iphone type display is detected)

    2. When viewing the Inbox (and other mailboxes) I think "Delete" should be changed to a trash icon or just "Del" and "More Actions" changed to just "More" drop down list. Both these should be moved to the top of the webpage replacing the "List 10" dropdown which should be moved to the bottom of the list. To make room at the top, the word "Compose" should be changed to "New" or the Icon similar to the one found to compose an SMS in the SMS app.

    3. Can "Spam" be added to the "More" drop down list under the "Mark" subcategory. It would be really good be able to tag spam in the mobile edition of ZCS.

    That's all I can think of at the moment,
    I will see what other people think before adding them as Enhancement Requests

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