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    Default iPhone Contact Sync/Merge

    Is there way to have your contacts merge with the server when you first set up an iPhone using the contact sync for the first time?

    In other words, I set up my phone and when it went to sync the contacts it notified me that my contacts on the phone would be erased.

    How do I avoid them being erased?

    EDIT: I found a way further down; I'm posting them here in the first message for simplicity.
    * Using Itunes, back up the Iphone including contacts to Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or anything that can export as a CSV file.
    * Verify your contacts are backed up. This is good anyway in case your phone is lost or broken.
    * Export your contact list in your mail software that you just sync'd to. Export it as a CSV file.
    * In Zimbra > Preferences > Address Book > Import/Export: locate the csv file and Import .CSV into Zimbra. If you import a new folder might be useful, name the folder whatever you wish.
    * Verify Zimbra now has your new contacts.
    * Then set up the exchange sync and let the contact sync overwrite your contacts.
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