I am migrating a user who has a Palm Treo 700w with Windows Mobile. It uses ActiveSync to synchronize into Outlook.

After the migration, where the user is now set up with the Zimbra Outlook profile, I get this error from Microsoft ActiveSync.

"Cannot synchronize with the Outlook profile you are using, because a different profile was previously set up or the profile is password-protected. Plese open Outlook using the appropriate profile.

Support Code: 8503001f"

Any tips? I was looking for a way to change the profile that activesync uses in it's control panel, but no go thus far. Will continue to search around using google for any info, and will eventualy attempt an activesync reinstallation.

P.S. have you ever had the experience where every time you are working on a really irritating problem, your description has the word "microsoft" in it?