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    Default IPhone Zimbra Mobile


    i'read and i'read, but dont found. so here my question.
    where i can get the ZME for my iphone? i'get this in the iTunes App's store?

    today i'was update to 5.0.9 my zimbra server, and of'course i'like to use
    OTA with my iphone.

    maybe someone can explain where and how i'get it to work.

    have a nice day,

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    There are two ways for the iPhone to get it's Zimbra connection.

    The simplest it to just use th IMAP capability that nearly any normal email client can do. That would be email and email only.

    The second option requires that you have the Zimbra Mobile option on you Zimbra Network Edition. Sync and backup all settings on your phone first, including your contacts just in case. On the iPhone (2.0+ software): Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account... > Microsoft Exchange. Thisi s the top option when you set up a new account. Feed it all of your Zimbra information and it's quite easy.

    If you choose to sync your contacts, be aware that you will wipe out your contacts on the phone and replace them with what is on the server. I figured out a way to get both to mesh up here:
    Mail | Dell 2950III | 2x Quad Core 5420 | 8gb RAM | 6x 146gb SAS RAID 0+1 | Red Hat 5.3 | Zimbra 6.0.10 Network Edition
    Test | VMware ESXi Whitebox | Phenom II Black 3.2ghz | 12gb RAM | 6x 1tb SATA RAID 0+1 | CentOS 5.4 | FOSS, Not in use now

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    thx for your information. i'use the free version from zimbra, i'think now for around 2 years. and i'm not some company or oragnisation. i'm only some guy
    what like play and learn with the internet. and to my zimbra mailserver is only
    around 30 mail accounts from my family and some friends.

    so, there is no point where i'get money. the network edition i'was read i'have to pay around $1000 only for sync my iphone with my server. i's there a other way to get this plugin? for example only this and of course there is a way
    the get is running to my server? i'dont like to install my server completly new and create all mailboxes new.

    hm ....


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    right now there's no solution other than having a ZCS account.

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