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Thread: Centro with Activesync: Error connecting to server

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    Default Centro with Activesync: Error connecting to server

    We have a user with a Palm Centro, trying to connect to Zimbra Network Edition using Zimbra Mobile. When trying to sync, he gets the error "Error connecting to server. Please check your network or server settings and resync."

    We've played with the settings on the client, but it seems that there aren't many to play with. The server is using SSL, but interestingly when we disable SSL on the Centro it gives a different error: "Error syncing messages".

    We've done a soft and hard reset. Anything else we can try? Anything on the server side?


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    If you can't connect at all, you probably have an SSL issue. Not sure how to get Palms to accept a self-signed or chained certificate. This is one of the reasons we bought a more expensive Thawte certificate.

    You can

    grep PalmOne-TreoAce /opt/zimbra/jetty/logs/access_log.2008-10-24

    to see if it's getting to the server at all. Example successful login by user joeschmo: - - [24/Oct/2008:07:16:53 -0500] "POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?Cmd=GetItemEstimate&User=joeschmo&Dev
    iceId=PLMO7621E7C3&DeviceType=PalmOneTreoAce HTTP/1.1" 200 37 "-" "PalmOne-TreoAce/2.01m01"

    If you can get that far, then you can start looking in mailbox.log and sync.log (in that order).

    I'm currently having problems getting a versamail 4 user to sync calendars (though email/contacts works). Users of versamail 3, which record a PalmOne-TreoAce/1.x user-agent, seem happier.

    There have been at least two centro software updates this year, one versamail-specific, the other more general.

    Palm - Support - VersaMail Update for Palm Centro (Sprint) smartphones
    Palm - Support - Centro Update for Sprint

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