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    Default [SOLVED] I just want to POP or IMAP in

    Can we just simply POP or IMAP into Zimbra? We are looking at just accessing our emails from a smart phone, no calendaring or contacts at this time, and we are getting error S7122 unable to connect and S7118 user name or password invalid.

    One of our users has a Blackberry and we were able to get email on the phone, but the Blackberry doesn't support attachments natively in calendaring so we could not use the outlook connector to sync our calendars.

    Other users that have the MS solution on their smart phones are able to sync with no issues the contacts and the calendars using the outlook connector, but are unable to get email through POP or IMAP.

    Can you shed some light on why we can email with the Blackberry and not with the simple messaging client to access POP/IMAP and do you have a solution.

    For anyone else having this issue, USING XPRESS MAIL, fixed all issues with using IMAP to Send/Receive and synchronize emails.
    There are some draw backs tho, you must install the Xpress Mail Professional software on a PC and that PC and the application must be up and running 24/7 to access your email. You can't synchronize your Address or Calendar using Xpress Mail and Zimbra, but using the outlook connector solves that issue. This works OK for our environment, we only have three ppl that need this function.

    Hope this helps and Thanks for all the mediators who responded so quickly.

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