OK, let's see if I can articulate my issue(s):

We are trying to move off of Meeting Maker and on to Zimbra. It's going to take a while to do the testing and migration of our thousands of users so we have to run in parallel for a while. I've written a proxy for MM that allows a Zimbra user to subscribe to their Meeting Maker Calendar(s). It works like a charm. It even automagically shows up on my iPhone under my Zimbra calendars.

However, it appears that Zimbra, by default, removes any alarms from the incoming icalendar stream and opts to use it's own defaults for alerts through the web/java-client interface. You can edit a particular meeting and override it but that get's destroyed by the next sync. The affect of this is that our iPhone users don't get any alerts on their iPhones from meetings scheduled in Meeting Maker - which was one of the major points of this whole exercise.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but what would be great is an option when setting up the remote calendar to indicate whether or not to keep any alarms that come with the remote calendars. It would also be nice to have a more elegant way to have the remote calendars auto-sync in the backgound on the server so changes can be pushed to the iPhone without having to have the Zimbra web client open or having to write a cron job to do it.

Am I missing something? Is there a work-around? Would it be possible to come at this from the other way around and drop an .ics file into a user's calendar folder remotely from the proxy instead of them subscribing to it? If so, this would solve both the refresh and the alarm issues...