I'm running more than one mailbox server in my Zimbra NE install and have had a couple of devices running fine off one server for about a year, quite happily. Have now attempted to configure a device (a Nokia E71, which we've already got working previously) for a user on a different mailbox server and am hitting problems.

If I point it to the mailbox server the user is on, the phone eventually times out with a "system error". If I point it to the other server (which, aside from being the master LDAP, should be identical), I get an "error in exchange server - try again later".

If I look on the first server (the one where the user resides), I don't see a sync.log in /opt/zimbra/log, which is leading me to believe the mobile "component" (?) is not installed or set up properly on this server. Does anyone have an idea how to check this, or even a way to set it up?