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Thread: Funambol and auth

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    Default Funambol and auth

    Hi, I have the Funambol and ZCS (Network) up and running. Goal is to sync to 1 Blackberry. The Blackberry connector makes no sense.

    When I use new users I get this message

    [2009-04-15 14:02:44,619] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [AA825DE1A059F1931F59154160C105EA] [] [] [] Handling incoming request
    [2009-04-15 14:02:44,620] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [AA825DE1A059F1931F59154160C105EA] [] [] [] Request URL: http://mail.wkffm.local:8080/funambol/ds
    [2009-04-15 14:02:44,620] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [AA825DE1A059F1931F59154160C105EA] [] [] [] Requested sessionId: null
    [2009-04-15 14:02:44,833] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [AA825DE1A059F1931F59154160C105EA] [IMEI:356252013451668] [] [] User not authenticated
    [2009-04-15 14:02:44,833] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [AA825DE1A059F1931F59154160C105EA] [IMEI:356252013451668] [] [] Authentication failed for device IMEI:356252013451668. Make sure that the client used correct username and password and that there is a principal associating the user to the device.
    [2009-04-15 14:02:44,837] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [AA825DE1A059F1931F59154160C105EA] [IMEI:356252013451668] [] [] Request processed.
    with an other account (the first one I used) I succeed connecting

    [2009-04-15 14:17:54,126] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [CEB8D594A9E4F160436EFB1634CA5465] [] [] [] Handling incoming request
    [2009-04-15 14:17:54,127] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [CEB8D594A9E4F160436EFB1634CA5465] [] [] [] Request URL: http://mail.wkffm.local:8080/funambol/ds
    [2009-04-15 14:17:54,127] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [CEB8D594A9E4F160436EFB1634CA5465] [] [] [] Requested sessionId: null
    [2009-04-15 14:17:55,043] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [CEB8D594A9E4F160436EFB1634CA5465] [IMEI:356252013451668] [friedmar.moch@wkffm.local] [] friedmar.moch@wkffm.local/IMEI:356252013451668 logged in.
    [2009-04-15 14:17:55,410] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [CEB8D594A9E4F160436EFB1634CA5465] [IMEI:356252013451668] [friedmar.moch@wkffm.local] [] Request processed.
    [2009-04-15 14:17:55,644] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [CEB8D594A9E4F160436EFB1634CA5465] [IMEI:356252013451668] [friedmar.moch@wkffm.local] [] Handling incoming request
    Both accounts are valid! It seems that only one user could connect. I played with Users and Principals, but without success.

    I think its a Funambol problem and not Zimbra related. But who knows!

    The original error was from the BB. I reproduced this error with a Nokia 6120!

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    I'm having the same problem.
    In my case, I have a virtual machine running centos 5, zimbra and funambol.
    I moved the phisical server to a company. I changed the "server URI" in funambol admin according to the new address (the company domain).

    I also created a new user to test funambol and when I try to sincronize the mobile I always get "wrong username or password" on it and the same messages reported above in the /opt/Funambols/logs/ds-server/ds-server.log.

    I have no idea what to do.

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    I think found out the problem:
    in funambol admin / server settings / officer:

    it was set to "EmailOfficer.xml". Restoring it to "UserProvisioningOfficer.xml" fixed the problem.

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